Our Logo

Presentation of the Logo

Holmested & Associates is a firm where talents are united in a multidisciplinary team with one main goal in mind: to provide the highest quality of legal services as well as sound advice, all in a personalized and a made-to-measure approach that meets the needs of the client. This is our primary mission.
At Holmested & Associates s.e.n.c.r.l./LLP, we understand that business law is not just a matter of law, it is a way to allow you to do business and build your enterprise. We work with you to achieve your goals.

The Strength of the Union

The ampersand of a larger size than the words means:


  • that we attach great importance to the collaboration with the clients, to their expertise and to the importance of understanding their field of activity and their business reality;
  • that we collaborate with other professionals internally and externally to always take advantage of the best available expertise so that we can offer the best possible solution to the client;
  • that we represent an alternative to other firms when it is time to refer specific files;
  • that at Holmested & Associates, the philosophy is one of teamwork and collaboration at all levels.

Think Beyond the Conventions

The superimposed ampersand that comes out of the frame means:


  • that for us, advocating a personalized and custom-made approach for the needs of the client means thinking beyond conventions and taking the less beaten path (thinking outside the box);
  • that we always offer a solution that exactly matches the needs of the client, and that we go beyond ready-made solutions.

An Ampersand That Recalls Our First Mission

The ampersand is one of the few characters with the same meaning in many languages. At Holmested & Associates, you can be sure that the quality of services will be the same in both English and French.

The selected ampersand approaches the roots of its origin. Historically, the ampersand results from the linking of the letters of the coordinating conjunction “and”. It is in this sense that the ampersand we use represents its most authentic form, the most faithful to its roots, just as the members of Holmested & Associates are aware of the importance of remaining faithful to our primary mission and never get driven off the course.